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    Venting your Peerless Transaxles has its benefits and performance improvements. It allows room for gear oil inside the transaxle to expand and contract. If there is no room or “space” for the oil to expand, it will make its own way out. Either out of the shiftier seal, brake seal or axle seals. An example can be oil leaking/oil puddle/oil coated transaxle due to a pulley swapped transaxle. If you run your transaxle stock, this isn’t super necessary, but never hurts!

    What you will need:

    • 3/8 x 1/4 brass barb (to fit the 1/2 fill hole on the top transaxle case)
    • A few feet of 1/4 fuel line
    • 9/16 wrench (to tighten brass barb)
    • Wire cutters (To remove rubber fill plug)
    • 5 minutes (Literally, thats it!)

    This is such a simple task you can even do it with the transaxle installed!


    1. Clean the area around the fill hole. You don’t need to clean the transaxle top and bottom, just around the fill hole to prevent dirt and debris from falling inside.
    2. Use the wire cutters to grab the rubber plug (located to the left of the shiftier) and remove it.
    3. Set your 3/8 x 1/4 brass barb into the fill hole. Line it up as best as you can and start tightening it with your 9/16 wrench.
    4. Once your brass barb is snug, I suggest although its not necessary to remove the brass barb to collect and aluminum shavings. They are just aluminum shavings and can’t damage a steel component, but its best to keep them from floating around in the oil.
    5. Attach and run your 1/4 fuel line anywhere reasonable. On one of my tractors, I ran the fuel line up to my engine/intake snorkel located in the dashboard. You could also run it underneath your seat and add a fuel filter to keep dirt and debris out.

    Now, your Peerless transaxle wont be puking out all of its oil after a day’s romp!

    Tutorial video: 

    How to: Vent your Peerless Transaxle

    Peerless transaxle vent

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