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    Beast Mowed
    This GT6000 is what really defines “Fun”!
    The 633a Roper transaxle that is powered by a 44CI 25HP Briggs V twin has been locked with the Locker Plates.

    Locker Plates

    Locker Plates eliminate the 6 planetary gears in the differential and keep the setup welderless! (Note the splined axle 633a use 6 planetary gears (Brake disk setup), while the keyed axle 633a use 4 planetary gears (Brake band setup).

    And don’t forget the dual 30mm Carburetors. 18 inch X Tracs up front, 5 lug Executioners on the back.
    Cargo rack fits 2 ammo cans and a 5 Gallon can.
    3rd High can get you movin’ to a good 13 MPH.

    "Locker plates" in the 633a trans axle

    Beast Mowed enjoying the beautiful view of Washington state, from an elevation of 3000 feet!

    Wheelies for dayssss!

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