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Offroad MudMowers is where the action is at! Whether is Tractor Pulling, Offroading or going a little Fast on a tractor. Lawn tractors are so simple, which makes them so versatile for modifying. Craftsman tractors In my opinion the best platform to modify. Briggs and Stratton engines are by far my favorite engine. Every engine has its flaws, but so many OEM, NOS and aftermarket parts can be had for these engines. Anyways, take a look around the website, and don’t forget to check out the Forums!

The Story
Sometime in September of 2013, I (Jason Kahler) had seen a YouTube Video of some Modified Lawn Tractors romping through the woods. I later search on Craigslist for a few weeks, Watching If I could Find a affordable Lawn Tractor that I could try to Modify like I had seen in the Video. After a few weeks of searching, We visited the Neighbors house, Asking if they would sell Their Older LT1000 Craftsman sitting behind a shed. They gave Us the project for nothing, Which got me excited. After some tinkering, I got the 15.5 HP OHV Single Cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine to fire. After that, I took it for it’s first drive, and didn’t really want to shut it off, It was so much fun! Well, a few weeks prior, We inquired a 1990’s MTD with a 12 HP Single Cylinder Briggs and Statton engine Lawn Tractor, With a few missing pieces. Ordered a new Coil, and started right up. At the time, I now owned Two Lawn Tractors, and was pretty excited.  Couple months passed, We found a 1970’s Craftsman Rear Engine Riding Mower, with a 8 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine. Gave the guy $50, and got it home. After some time, We decided to bolt on some Wheelie bars, Strap a Cinder block on, and see what it could do! Well, Wheelies, Of course! With only Three Lawn Tractors in the barn, I still wasn’t Satisfied. Made some Wanted Broken Lawn Equipment Signs, posted them around the City, and got phone calls within days. After a few months of picking up new Lawn Tractors, I wanted to Restore my First Lawn Tractor I got. March 3rd, 2015, Teardown began! I took the fenders, footboards off, and worked my way from their. Pulled the original Single Cylinder engine off, and Got a Briggs 21 HP V twin from a 2000’s MTD Ready to put on once we got a new coat of paint on. Bolted everything back together a few days after, and Went for the First Start Up. Was pretty excited, and after a few days, Went ahead and slapped a 4 Inch pulley on the New Peerless MST-206. Couple days after it was finished, Welded a bumper on the front and threw on a $50 Harbor Freight Winch, Which has dragged a couple Lawn Tractors back out of the mud. With all the fun, I figured I’d try Creating the YouTube Channel, Offroad MudMower’s to share some of my projects. Couple Months passed, I picked up a Craftsman DYT 4000 Yard Tractor, With a missing 20 HP Kohler V Twin. I didn’t have many engines at the time, So I threw on a 5 HP Push Mower engine. Opened up the Hydro-Gear Trans Axle, and welded the differential. Also Cut the stock turf saves, lowered the steering wheel, added an Ammo Can under the seat, and welded a Diamond Mesh Front Grill and Hood. This was my Official Mud Tractor, which I was pretty proud of. Later, I rebuilt a 8hp Briggs and Stratton Engine for it, and Found some Aggressive ATV Tires for it. After hitting a few mud holes, I ended up blowing the locker right up. It was time to rip the Trans Axle out and Re Weld it. In January, I took on of many New Lawn Tractor’s I’ve Collected, and was going to make a Second Offroader with it. Put a 18 HP Opposed Twin Briggs and Stratton Engine on it, locked a Spicer 6 Speed, Got some ATV Tires for the Front and Back, Some new pulleys for the Engine and Trans Axle, and a Winch with a Bumper. That thing came along Great! Topped out around 20 MPH, and Could throw some mud good. About six months passed, Picked up many more Lawn Tractors to Start a Parts Collection. In those Six months somewhere, I decide With my new Offroad Tractor, To dump the clutch in 4th Gear in some fine dirt. Well, It didn’t go as planned. I didn’t Intend to split the hole left side of the case open. But with my New Parts Collection, Welded a Peerless MST-206, and It was back on the road. Couple weeks went by, and I switched Engines, Went to a Newer Briggs 18hp 42 CI Opposed Twin. I also purchased Two PZ30mm Slide carburetors, and Milled some plates to bolt them to the New Opposed Twin. Got some PVC and Made a Air Snorkel from the Carburetors to the Dash board, Where I hide the Air Filters. Man, Did that thing fly! Come 2018, I decided to Drag a new project into the Garage. It was a Craftsman GT6000 I was Entering in the 2018 ATLTF Build Off, My First Build Off ever! Tore it to the bare bones, and Got a 44 CI Briggs V twin, and Slapped the same PZ30 mm Carburetors on it. Finally got “Beast Mowed” complete, and absolutely love the setup. Great offroad rig, super light and makes as a good work tractor too. Now, I pretty much tinker with everything. Mainly with trans axles. Seeing what fits on what, whats interchangeable and messing around with chain drives and such for greater speeds and keeping a stock pulley ratio for less wear and tear on bearings. You would be surprised, Hitting 40 MPH in 3rd gear are some of my results are so far.

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